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Joint Policy Statement

The Quality: Environmental and Health & Safety Policy for Marcol Fabrications (Plastics) Limited has now been realigned to reflect the changes within the new Standards released. The Policy is set out to reflect how these changes influence the business context and its strategic direction as well as embracing the requirements of both internal and external parties.

It is incumbent on Marcol Fabrications (Plastics) Limited to identify all interested parties that influences the business and its context. Marcol Fabrications (Plastics) Limited has set out to recognise and determine levels of Risk that could impact the business such as poor quality of service; failure to prevent the effects of pollution and protection of the environment. Failure to protect all interested parties from harm through poor health & safety all of which could have a major impact on both its customer portfolio and own business strategic direction.

Having identified the Risks to the business Marcol Fabrications (Plastics) Limited has set out to plan and implement actions to address those Risks by either reducing or eliminating those Risks!

Business Objectives are set to encompass and address perceived issues that could adversely influence the business and to fully support the achievement of this Policy as well as the Business Management System and to provide a platform for continual improvement.

Marcol Fabrications (Plastics) Limited continue to identify all its compliance obligations and strives to ensure compliance in all respects.

In addition, the Business has established a full CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policy) that emphasises its commitment to its employees (internal interested parties) as well as its external interested parties.

The business has established an active Internal Audit Program to monitor, measure and review the delivery and effectiveness of these plans.

The above Policy will be maintained as a documented reference and reviewed at least annually as well as being made available to all interested parties as appropriate and communicated, understood and applied within the organisation itself.

Our Joint Policy Statment is available as a PDF here.

Our ISO 9001 certification is available as a PDF here.

Our ISO 14001 certification is available as a PDF here.